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10KC Case Study

User Support Specialist


Simplicity, Efficiency, Flow


Collaboration, Accessibility, Respect

Ashvini Sriharan (She/Her/Hers)

Solutions Focused Support Specialist

User Support Specialist Goals

  1. Reduce the turnaround time of incoming support requests to be average 24-hour resolution time​

  2. Maintain a net zero growth of issues (meaning, our incoming issue rate is equal to or less than the issue closing rate)

Assumptions Made

  1. 10KC is currently on a plan which allows for the use of the Intercom features mentioned

  2. Intercom features mentioned are not in use or not in use to its fullest capabilities

  3. Support Team has access to User Account details on Intercom or CSM

Approach Taken

  1. Working with what you got

  2. Automating Work Flows

  3. Self-Serve Focused

  4. Support Staff Empowerment

Current 10KC Support Process

User issue arrives through Intercom

Support person responds/collects information

User contacted, issue resolved in Intercom (or Slack)

Is Engineering support required?



CSM messages Support Channel on Slack

Support person responds/collects information

User contacted, issue resolved in Intercom (or Slack)

Revised Support Process

Knowledge Base

User identifies issue

Intercom Support Bot

Ticket intake form and automated responses generated by Intercom features


Intercom Tags

Support person prioritizes ticket with relevant tags/attributes to triage issues.

User issue arrives through Intercom

Support person responds/collects information

User contacted, issue resolved in Intercom (or Slack)

Is Engineering support required?



CSM messages Support Channel on Slack

Support person responds/collects information

User contacted, issue resolved in Intercom (or Slack)


Process Strategy Defined

Issue identification thought process from User perspective: 

  1. There is an issue preventing me from completing normal functions on the site

  2. What are the support resources? 

  3. Maybe I should contact the Help Centre? 

Desired results from a User seeking support:

"Yay! I figured it out myself!"

"That was quick! Thanks for your help!"

If a User decides to submit ticket through Intercom, we can narrow issues down to:

  1. Technical Issue

  2. Question or Guidance 

  3. Feature Request

User identifies issue


Collecting Conversation Data on Intercom - Categorizing / Attributes for Issues

Tools used: Intercom Support Bot, Conversation Data Attributes

Categories / Attributes declared by User:

Issue Type

  • Technical Issue

  • Question or Guidance

  • Feature Request

  • High

  • Medium

  • Low

Issue Priority

  • Admin

  • User

  • 10KC Internal

  • Non-User

User Authentication

Categories / Attributes declared by Support Person/Team:

  • High

  • Medium 

  • Low

Internal Priority


  • Introductions

  • Office Hours

  • Development Programs

Product Effected

Details for Engineering if escalated

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Accounting

Department CC

Closing Ticket

Scale of Issue

  • # of Users Affected

  • Site Access/Site Down


  • Bugs

  • Data Requests

  • Deep Dive

Client Satisfaction

  • Extremely Satisfied

  • Satisfied

  • Unsatisfied

  • Extremely Unsatisfied

  • Quick Fix

  • Resource Building (Explorative)

  • Engineering (Investigative - Bug/Defect)

  • Feature Request

Support Type

Client Priority

  • Customer size revenue

  • Implementation/ New

  • At Risk

Response Time

  • All Star - Less than 1 hour

  • 1 - 6 hours

  • 6 - 12 hours

  • 12 - 24 hours

  • Overdue

Closing Ticket Optional: Tagging by Support Person to track performance

Automating Work Flows with Attributes on Intercom

Sample Work Flows to Automate on Intercom Inbox

Rule: Upgrade Priority


If user declares:

  1. Issue Type = Technical Issue

  2. Issue Priority = High

Then, Intercom Live Chat triggers:

  1. Scale of Issue options for user to specify

  2. Product Effected options for user to specify 

Internal Work Flow


Support Team receives Ticket and evaluates if further information is required or if escalation to Engineering is required.

If escalation is required, Support Team tags:

1. Product

2. Engineering Tag

3. Client Priority 

Rule: Collect Feedback

Once issue is marked as resolved, Intercom triggers customer satisfaction questions:

  1. Extremely Satisfied

  2. Satisfied

  3. Unsatisfied

  4. Extremely Unsatisfied

Internal Work Flow


Once an issue is marked as closed, Support Team: 

1. CCs relevant department if needed

Tracking / Reporting

Intercom has the option to subscribe or generate reoccurring reports. This will allow for the Team to understand where 10KC stands in support and areas to focus.

Write a reply...

Sample Conversation Flow with Intercom Task Bot

Hello, I am not able to set a date for my Office Hours. The Calendar does not come up. Help!

Thank you for reaching out to us. We have a couple questions to help resolve this issue faster...

What type of issue are you experiencing? *

Technical Issue

Please provide detailed description of the issue:

Conversation Tips for Interacting with Users:

Make sure to acknowledge the user even if you have all the information you need. 

"Hi Username! My name is Ashvini. I will be taking care of the issue you submitted..."

Let the user know an estimated time of issue resolution or response. 

"...We have escalated this issue to our Engineering team but we expect to have a response to you in the next 1 to 2 hours...."

Provide alternative methods of communication for accessibility purposes (Omnichannel approach)

"...Feel free to share alternative methods of communication if you prefer."

Thank you for providing more context. One of our Support Team members will be in touch with you shortly. Feel free to provide more details now.

Execution - Critical Path

Four Month Execution Plan

Research & Strategy Development

Revision and Evaluation of current processes

Consulting with Support and Engineering Team

Consulting with Marketing and Sales Team

Revising proposed strategies 


Intercom Support Bot Implementation

Intercom Tagging: Implementation & Training 

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4

Video Library development

  • Identify topics 

  • Develop Scripts 

  • Recording - SnagIT Software or Other 

Communications Planning

  • Internal Intercom Report Subscription

  • Consult with Marketing to develop Support Team lead Newsletter / Newsletter Section

  • Develop Internal Communications plan

  • Set up Weekly Debrief

Knowledge Base Landing Page

  • Consult with Marketing team on KB layout

  • Work with Web Development Team to create content and links

  • Launch Campaign for Support Café

Revision & Feedback

Develop a formal feedback survey to allow Support Team to provide feedback on experience, what's working, what isn't, and suggestions. Make revisions based on Team's feedback.

Future Outlook

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